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Captain Corelli's Mandolin

Captain-corellis-mandolin is an unofficial website dedicated to the novel Captain Corelli’s Mandolin written by novelist Louis de Bernières. The book has been adapted as a screenplay for a motion picture which was shown to full houses across theatres throughout the world.

The website tells visitors about Louis de Bernières, the author of the beautifully written book that was a strong bestseller in its own right. Captain-corellis-mandolin also gives visitors a detailed view on the plot and the cast of the movie. The information about the main cast consists of detailed biographies on the actors who performed so well in front of the camera for the movie, with fascinating instances from their lives which help the audience familiarize themselves with the people who played the wonderfully created characters.

Captain-corellis-mandolin also has a resources and links section that provides readers with a chance to explore the world of the writer, cast, movie and book in a more comprehensive manner by providing them with more resources to delve deep into the subject, movie and book.

We also encourage users to read the book and provide links to sites which even offer a reading guide to the book. For those who have seen the movie and absolutely loved it, Captain-corellis-mandolin provides a detailed informative section about the shooting process and the locations used for shooting the film. At the same time, there is also a detailed section dedicated to the soundtrack of the movie with further details on the man who provided the musical scores to every scene in the film.

Last but not least, Captain-corellis-mandolin contains a few games for the entertainment of its visitors. The games are flash based and interactive and are mostly war based as well owing to the fact that the movie and book were all based on a background of a war. So Captain-corellis-mandolin is one place that all those who loved the movie must check out!

Based on the novel Corelli's Mandolin by Louis de Bernieres, Captain is set on the Greek island of Cephallonia in early World War II. The Italian army has gained control of the island, led by Captain Corelli (Nicolas Cage), a man who appreciates good music and beautiful women. When Corelli begins a passionate affair with Pelagia (Penélope Cruz), a local beauty engaged to marry a town fisherman (Bale), a dramatic love triangle occurs, in which all involved are forced to weigh the power of their allegiances against the strength of their love.

Starring Nicolas Cage, Penélope Cruz, Christian Bale, John Hurt
Directed by John Madden
Written by Shawan Slovo
Studio Universal Pictures